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Singing Courses

 with Voice Coach Kelly Anne Sharp

BSc (Hons) Speech Pathology & Therapy; HND Music Theatre




Looking for private singing tuition?

Whether you sing for fun, professionally or would like to prepare for auditions I can help you enhance your singing technique.

From beginners to professional singers, I help students of all ages fine tune their singing voices, improve their confidence and develop their performance skills.

I offer weekly tuition and courses of lessons and put on two student concerts per year which you could be part of to really showcase your talent!

Singing with me:

  • Private singing lessons/tuition is available for all ages
  • Available for all abilities from beginners to advanced and professionals
  • Grow in confidence as you learn how to use your voice for fun or for more serious activities
  • Learn or improve your performance skills and technique
  • Learn to develop safe and healthy technique and how to apply this to YOUR style

Student Concerts

Twice per year, I along with Simon Halliday put on student concerts for my singing students and his music students in a fun environment to really showcase everybody’s talent. This is of course completely optional, but as your confidence grows I’m sure you’d love to get involved!

Everyone can benefit from increased confidence levels just from the sheer enjoyment singing can bring. Be that singing in your shower or on the stage!

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